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The impact of biotechnological solutions on microclimate and indoor air quality

During pandemic, we found ourselves isolated from new acquaintances, but we got access to online worldwide communities of designers and engineers that were searching for solutions for safe environment indoors. That was how we started to study phytoremediation possibilities – the capability of plants to clean up air, water and soil contaminated with hazardous contaminants. In the first stage we gained experience of growing the most active plants-hyperaccumulators at home. The next step was development and production of a prototype of a biotechnological unit with the most effective plant — Epipremnum. Our idea caused an investment interest, which allowed ecologists to conduct multistage research.

About the project

biotech startup WonderWall

Participants of the research:
Department of Ecology of the Udmurt State University, Grass lab

Study object:
#1: outdoors air, indoors air inside two similar operational office rooms with plants and without, air in ventilation system; #2: air of operational office rooms of 12 companies before and after the use of biotechnological unit; #3: laboratory chamber air purified with forced passing through plants in hydroponic system. In this research we used not only plant leaves, but also roots and soilless substrate to purify the air.

Study purpose:
to determine the effect of Epipremnum on physical and chemical properties of the air in operational office rooms