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Nowadays, the Green Construction approach is getting more requested, when all the World is aware of the importance of climate change, pollution, biodiversity reduction, resources shortage, waste increase issues. Development of Green Construction reveals barriers related to its qualitative characteristics.

1. Council of Europe data show that 80% of the ecological footprint is determined during the design phase. the main part of specialists — architects, engineers, designers, constructors is just familiar with the concept of Green Construction. Meanwhile sustainable projects require:

  • a paradigm shift in thinking;
  • additional and significant knowledge for an effective process and responsible result;
  • interdisciplinary cooperation with specialists in different areas: climatology, biology, ecology, green economy and many others.

2. The customers of Green buildings have little understanding of how can they improve operation eco-friendliness. This transition goes through:

  • the greening of lifestyle;
  • participation in ecological initiatives — to gain experience on how the Green mechanisms work.

Grass educational projects are the way to expand the circle of green approach followers in construction, to increase their knowledge and skills for sustainable and regenerative future of the planet.

Green Build Project online course