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Reconstruction of manufacture to low-carbon factory

The project is a result of a series of consecutive steps. The Carbon footprint calculation of Tasty Coffee roasting production showed that the only more or less significant solution to reduce it in the existing building could be a proper solar generation. As a result, 40 kW solar panels were installed on the roof of the production facility. It was a good result, but it was not enough for carbon neutrality. To expand the production and achieve the desired result to reduce CO2 emissions, a decision of new production facility was adopted. The developed concept of low-carbon factory gave the opportunity to form a project team willing to implement these ideas. In spite of the changed political and economic context of 2022, the reconstruction project for 2 ha of production area and 6 000 m2 of production facilities was launched.

About the project

Tasty Coffee, specialty coffee roasting company, Izhevsk

Participants of the research:
management — Grass; architecture — Lamp; improvement — Urban Design Studio Arch_Iznanka, interior design — Grass; detailed engineering — Aspek-Proyekt; green certification — EcoStandard Group

Building area:
6000 m2

1,9 ha

Building site: